Family in NYC say man was killed by Police

A family of a black man, alleged to have been killed by police in New York City, has held a conference to make the news public.

The family says Daniel Prude, 41, who was unarmed, died of suffocation after police officers who were taking him into custody, put a hood over his head, and then held him facing down the road for two minutes.

Joe Prude – brother to Daniel Prude during the news conference. [Photo: NBC News]

Prude was suffering mentally, when police restrained him in March.

He died a week later, while in hospital, two months before George Floyd, another black man was allegedly killed by police too.

A video of white police kneeling on Floyd’s neck for almost eight minutes, caused global outrage.

And yet again, a lot of chaos has been witnessed, following the shooting of a black man, Daniel Blake. Blake was shot seven times in the back and paralyzed during an arrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin on the 23rd of August.

The US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, is now urging charges against the police involved in the killing of Prude and Blake

The Democrat spoke after notching up a record fundraising haul in August.

Biden, so far has a lead over President Donald Trump, in opinion polls ahead of November’s election.

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