Health Ministry Says Covid-19 Decline is Due to Less Testing

The Ministry of Health has acknowledged the complication with contact tracing, which has contributed to low numbers of reported Covid-19 positive cases, across the country.

Health Chief Administrative Secretary, Rashid Aman, spoke in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO), who on Monday 31st of August 2020, said the decline could be a result of less testing and a slowed rate of contract tracing.

WHO cautioned the government against a quick interpretation that the decreased reported infections, meant that the country is flattening the curve.

Health Chief Administrative Secretary, Dr. Rashid Aman. [Photo: Citizen TV]

Dr. Aman also added that contact tracing in the country became complicated, after the virus got into the community transmission stage.

The testing has been declining in the last one week with only 1,682 tested and 144 turning positive on Tuesday, 1st of September 2020. The national confirmed Covid-19 cases now stands at 34,315.

From the 114 confirmed cases, all are Kenyans except one foreigner, 93 of them are male and 21 are female, the youngest is a 1-year-old infant and the oldest 85 years old,” said Aman.

During the daily Covid-19 briefing, the Ministry of Health also reported that the country had registered zero Covid-19 deaths, with the national Covid-19 fatality still standing at 577.

A total of 318 new recoveries were also recorded, where 263 were from the Home-Based Care Programme, and 55 from various health facilities nationwide. The total national number of recoveries is 20,211. 

Dr. Aman has also continued to urge Kenyans to comply with Covid-19 directives set by the Ministry of Health, “We continue to advocate for the adherence of the set containment measures by each and every Kenyan, so as to flatten the curve,” he said.

On the same note, the Health Ministry also issued a warning on tobacco smoking, saying that asymptomatic Covid-19 smokers can easily spread the virus.

Smokers often have a persistent cough and an infected COVID-19 smoker, not yet symptomatic, could easily spread the infection, as the cough may be dismissed as a smoker’s cough,” said CAS Aman.

The government is now urging tobacco users to quit, saying there are no safe tobacco products.

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