MEGHAN MAE.: Chapter 1

The beautiful sun is up already, its rays spewing all over the green mowed lawn as I step out of the house. I stretched a little to get my day started. I am pretty excited to go to work today, Dylan told me that he overheard the boss say that he’d bring in a new person into his board, to act as the CEO while he’s gone for a few months.

With all the confidence I have and how hardworking I have always been, I am quite sure it’s me Mr. Lawrence will choose as the acting CEO.

I am wearing an ear to ear smile as I approach my red Porsche Carrera that my dad got me on my twenty-fifth birthday. I may not have been born with a silver spoon in my mouth but my family and I know how to work hard to get what we want.

Today, I am in a black short sleeve Lagshian peplum bodycon dress, that’s clinging on to my body perfectly. Just the way I like it. For some reason, black makes me feel more confident and for that matter, I sure do feel like a CEO right now.

I toss my purse and it lands on the passenger seat and without wasting time, I insert the key into the ignition and the car comes to life and off I go.

“Look out world, Meghan Mae Kline’s the new acting CEO in town, woohoo!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, adrenaline coursing through my veins. I feel all warm and giddy inside. I just can’t wait to be appointed as the new acting CEO of Strafford and Sons Company.

As soon as I arrive at work, I park my car at the parking lot and strut my way into the seven-story building. I am actually one hour early and as soon as the secretary sees me, her brows shoot up.

“Good morning, Kelly,” I greet her with a nod.

“Good morning, Miss Kline. I didn’t expect to see you here this early,” she says and I snort as I pat my hair that’s pulled up into a neat chignon.

“A CEO is always early and always on time, now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some work to do,” I say as I wave her goodbye.

I bump into a couple of early risers, who instead of congratulating me for arriving early at work, they give me confused looks.

In the elevator, I bump into Dylan and I grin when I see him.

“I’ve got to say, I have never seen you grin that much. What’s the occasion? You look stunning by the way,” he says and I chuckle lightly as I keep my head high.

“Well, you’re looking at the new acting CEO,” I brag and he chortles, making me scowl at him for doing that. “What’s funny?” I ask.

“I only told you, Mr. Lawrence Strafford, is bringing in someone. I didn’t specifically say it was you, you might embarrass yourself–” I furiously cut him off by pointing my index finger at him.

“Just stop! Do not ruin my day. Whether you like it or not, everybody around here knows how much I’ve been dying to get promoted, and the chance presented itself, it’s me who will be your new boss,” I smile broadly as I pat his cheek just as the elevator stops at the fifth floor.

“Alright, good luck with that. Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” he says as he hands me his Starbucks coffee, “Here, it’s for you, madam CEO.”

“I love the title already,” I say as I take the coffee cup and head over to my desk, my strappy heels click-clacking on the tiled floor. Everyone else finds me seated at my desk by 8 a.m and I greet all of them, something I rarely do because I am always grumpy nearly every morning. Not today though.

When it’s finally time, Mr. Lawrence walks into the large room and clears his throat. I check the time and it’s exactly 10 a.m. As I said, the CEO’s are always on time.

“Good morning everyone. As I had earlier informed all of you, I will not be available for the next couple of months. I’ll be traveling a lot and so, without wasting any time. I would like to introduce to the person who I will leave in charge of everything here,” he pauses and looks around the room, and when his eyes land on me, I grin like a loon and step forward with my hand stretched towards him, waiting for him to congratulate me.

I hear murmurs here and there but I choose to ignore and at that moment, Mr. Lawrence looks taken aback by my actions and then he says what I didn’t expect.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Sebastian Topper Lexington,” Mr. Lawrence announces, and instantly, my throat goes dry when I see the tall figure appear from behind a closed door. My feet begin to wobble like jelly and my palms are getting sweaty. The acting CEO walks straight towards me and grins proudly.

“Alas! We meet again, Miss Kline,” he says while shaking my hand and I swallow dryly as embarrassment washes over me like a tidal wave.

What is my ex-boyfriend doing here?!

By: Anthea Kioko

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