Accountability – A Biblical Principle

This book seeks to help you master ‘the what, the how and the why’ of accountability to:

1.Increase your productivity.

2.Inculcate the winning culture of taking ownership and responsibility.

3.Greatly improve your effectiveness in life and as a disciple of Christ.

4.Empower you to take charge of your faith and destiny.

5.Teach you how to wisely lead your life—with eternity in perspective

11 thoughts on “Accountability – A Biblical Principle”

  1. I read the book about a year ago with my spouse and i must say it is such an incredible, practical book with things we experience in our day today lives and how we should tackle them in a Christ like manner.
    And i am more than lucky to have met the Author as she is spiritually person i can communicate with for guidance.

  2. Such a great read! Accountability is a principle that lacks yet it’s a key ingredient for successful relationships, businesses, leaderships and personal growth! This is indeed a must read for everyone!!

  3. Michael Mutinda

    This is a must read for every follower of Jesus Christ . The concept of accountability is widely known but not understood. Hence the reason why Kenya is the way it is today. Many of us have missed the mark at individual, family and community level.

    It is a short read that is power packed! God bless you Nelly.

  4. The book is an eye opener in our day to day Christian life.Who is or are journeying together to be a disciple of Christ by doing what is right before his eyes.

  5. This was an amazing book! I recommend for everyone to read it! Accountability is a key that we all need to have.

  6. The book is readable.
    It encourages a follow through pattern, developing our Christian accountability enhancing our walk of faith.
    Many thanks to the author, Mrs. Nelly Kagoru

  7. An awesome read. Very inspiring and educative book. I totally recommend others to read this book by this great and blessed woman of God.
    Thank you Nelly for inspiring many of us. Be blessed.

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